Professional Standards

JCTA Standards for Tanning Facilities

The JCTA believes that reducing risk for any type of equipment whether it be a sunbed, a car or ATV is about who controls the equipment. JCTA Member salons follow these standards to protect their clients

  1. Follow all government regulations
  2. Skin Type every client correctly using the JCTA Skin Typing Form
  3. Banning the Use of equipment for a Skin Type 1 person – defined by Dr. Fitzpatrick as “always burn, never tan”.
  4. Parental consent for everyone under the age of 18 or follow government regulations for teen tanning where regulations exist.
  5. Every staff that controls the equipment is trained and industry certified
  6. Keep complete client records
  7. No use of self-serve (client controlled/coin-op/swipe card) equipment. Only a trained and industry certified operator may set the time.
  8. Every client must wear protective eyewear

For complete JCTA Standards, view the JCTA Guidelines.